Dreams in the Witch House

Available on double LP, CD and digital download - October 12, 2013.

Welcome to the Sanitarium.

You've found the page for our most loyal fans. This is where you'll find free tracks, artwork and who knows what else we may conjure up from our crazy cauldron of ideas. As our first offering we're commemorating a tragic date which inspired Lovecraft's tale of witches and witchcraft. On June 10th, 1692, Bridget Bishop was the first "witch" executed for bewitching five other young Salem women. Bishop was sentenced to death and hung. Could she be the inspiration for Keziah Mason? From Lovecraft's tale:

"There was much in the Essex County records about Keziah Mason’s trial, and what she had admitted under pressure to the Court of Oyer and Terminer had fascinated Gilman beyond all reason. She had told Judge Hathorne of lines and curves that could be made to point out directions leading through the walls of space to other spaces beyond..."  

June 10th, 2019 marks the date of our first freebie. Click here to download and enjoy "Dreams in the Witch House: Sanitarium" featuring Bruce Kulick, Courtney Gains and Douglas Blair. 

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