Dreams in the Witch House

Available on double LP, CD and digital download - October 12, 2013.


Courtney Gains has been a hard-working Hollywood actor for three decades, rising to instant infamy as Malachai in 1984’s Cult Classic, “Children of the Corn.” Many memorable roles have followed, while Courtney, through thick and thin, has grinded out a prolific career in an ever-changing business.
Mike Dalager is a Jack-of-all-trades, having toured the globe as a Broadway Theater actor, dabbled in Hollywood pursuits for over a decade, serves the nation as a Coast Guard Reservist, where he performs the National Anthem for high profile Public Affairs events, and as Executive Producer, has given birth to a monstrous, Lovecraft-inspired Rock Opera.
Grinders with grit, we’ll tell you what Hollywood is really like, and introduce you to a wide variety of below-the-line Entertainment Industry artisans who make the magic happen!

The Outlander Hour

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